Monday, July 25, 2011

A lot to chat about!

Did ya think I fell off the face of the earth?  I have so much to talk about and it is late at night so I'll get right to it!  First, I took the kids and went on a little road trip to Cincinnati to a rubber stamp store that I had heard a lot about.  The kids and I enjoyed the time together and I definitely enjoyed the stamp store.  I bought several stamps and even the latest issue of Card Maker Magazine.  Love that magazine and hadn't been able to find the newest issue here in Columbus.  I am in the process of coloring the stamps I got and am very excited about them.  I will post pics as soon as I can.  My first image took me a couple hours to color.  Now I just need to put together a card with it. Secondly, my hubby just returned from Summer CHA (what's wrong with that picture? Shouldn't I be the one going to CHA?).  Yes he went, he is the Director of Merchandising for Cord Camera so he got to go and I got to stay home with the kids.  Doesn't seem fair!!  He likes to send me pictures of things like the Copic Booth!!  He does usually bring me back a few goodies though.  This time I got a couple of idea books and a bag from Silhouette.  Third and finally!!! I got 23 more Copic Markers this weekend!!  This is very exciting for me because I had placed my order to finish off all of my colors (minus grays, fluorescent, and earth tones).  What was a little of a bummer was that one RV is on back order and somehow the reds I needed didn't get on my order at all.  That's ok though I am still having a great time with all my new colors.  My next goal is to get them entered on the copic color website.  I have 3 cards that I will hopefully get posted for all to see sometime this week, so keep watching for that.  I need to say goodbye for now because my fingers are not cooperating with me and I keep making spelling mistakes!! Thank God for spellcheck!  Until next time, keep it colorful!!

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