Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Copic Card Class

Happy Tuesday everyone.  It is a hot one here in Columbus today, supposed to hit 91 and my guess is that it did!  We had a horrible storm this morning that brought in the humidity.  Yuck I tell ya!  I actually have a free day tomorrow and am hoping to get the kids to the pool.

Anyhow tonight is my Copic Card class at Cord and I thought I would post one of the cards we will be working on tonight.  It's actually one of my faves.  I was kinda impressed that I was able to color translucent balloons (not always an easy task).

Not sure you can see the full effect of the balloons behind each other from this picture but it is definitely a favorite card.  Speaking of cards, is everyone making cards to send to the troops?  I plan on turning in a bunch and Cord is a designated drop off spot.  If you haven't heard about this awesome gift that we are giving to our soldiers it is from We-R-Memory Keepers and I'm sure you can find some info on their website.  You should also be able to find a store in your area that is a drop zone.  So happy cardmaking and keep it colorful!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Copic Storage

So here it is (finally)!  Was gonna post it yesterday and just my luck the power was out.  No idea why, we had a bad storm AFTER the power came back on.  Taught a Copic Basic class last night, it is always refreshing to see a new person experience Copics for the first time.  So enough about my day (or days).

Here is a picture of my Copic Storage Bin.  It is absolutely awesome for travel.
This is how I created it.  First let me start by giving credit to the person who I got the idea from.  Her name is Helen Johnson and you can visit her blog at bhelenj.blogspot.com. I did mine a little different from hers but the concept is the same.

I started with the Double Deep Super Satchel from Art Bin.
I then made the insert to hold the markers.  It is made from a 5/8" dowel rod and a florescent ceiling light grid style cover (found at Lowes or Home Depot). I got mine at Lowes (in the ceiling tile section) and it cost 11 and change (you can make 2 boxes from one tile so find a friend and split the cost).  You need a saw that has at least 25 teeth per inch to cut the ceiling tile (I used a hacksaw blade but be very careful since it is not in the saw).  The art bin actually tapers in slightly so the bottom grid was cut 19x19 little squares across and the top grid is 19x20 squares across.  The top grid will sit on the lip of the recessed area of the handle.  The dowel rod will fit perfectly inside the squares at each of the four corners but do be careful when inserting them as the grid will break easily.  It should look like this:
Notice that my dowel rods are taller than the grid.  I did this to help add support to the lid in case something would get set on top of it.  Now let me tell you that it WILL NOT hold Copic Original markers but will hold the Sketch and Ciao.  When you do the math this bin will hold 357 markers (19x19-4=357).

The grid simply sits inside the bin and can come right out if you should want to use the bin for something else.  And here it is filled with my markers!
Hope you have fun creating your own Copic Storage system!  If you have any questions please let me know and I will respond as promptly as I can.  Until next time, keep it colorful!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back from Indy!

What a great time I had!  Not only did I enjoy the class but I truly enjoyed my time alone.  I was super exhausted when I got home so I slept in a little on Sunday and even took an afternoon nap.  Tomorrow I am teaching a Copic Basic Class at Cord and I am looking forward to that.  On the 21st I will be teaching my Copic Card class and I will try to get pics up ASAP.  For now here is a pic from Saturdays class.  I was so excited to find Marianne Walker there (don't know how I missed it on her blog that she would be there).

From left to right is me, Colleen Schaan, Marianne Walker and Bianca Mandity.  I was so happy to get this shot I just wish I would have taken more.  I know I have promised to get the pics and instructions up for how to create the Copic Storage Box and I will hopefully get that done within the next 24 hours (maybe I'll log back on after the kids are in bed).  See ya for now!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Copic Mixed Media in Indy!

Yes I am here in Indy and tomorrow I will be attending the Copic Ink, Art and Mixed Media Workshop.  I can't tell you just how excited I am.  It's also a relaxing weekend away for me and believe me I needed it.  I have also completed my new Copic Storage Container and I will hopefully get some pictures and instructions uploaded soon. So can I tell ya, I came over tonight and of course visited Cord Camera (I teach for them in Columbus, Ohio).  What do you know, they had 19 Copic colors that I didn't have yet.  Needless to say I have them now!!  Just getting those markers makes it a huge success in my book.  I will post pictures from the class as soon as I possibly can.  Goodnight for now.