Monday, June 6, 2011

Back from Indy!

What a great time I had!  Not only did I enjoy the class but I truly enjoyed my time alone.  I was super exhausted when I got home so I slept in a little on Sunday and even took an afternoon nap.  Tomorrow I am teaching a Copic Basic Class at Cord and I am looking forward to that.  On the 21st I will be teaching my Copic Card class and I will try to get pics up ASAP.  For now here is a pic from Saturdays class.  I was so excited to find Marianne Walker there (don't know how I missed it on her blog that she would be there).

From left to right is me, Colleen Schaan, Marianne Walker and Bianca Mandity.  I was so happy to get this shot I just wish I would have taken more.  I know I have promised to get the pics and instructions up for how to create the Copic Storage Box and I will hopefully get that done within the next 24 hours (maybe I'll log back on after the kids are in bed).  See ya for now!

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