Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok I know! Where in the world have I been right?  We have had major computer issues and I decided to stop posting until I had my very own laptop. Well that happened for me last night!!! Why did it take so long? Well so much has been happening in my personal life that it was very much put on the back burner.  We bought a house this past December (a real fixer upper) and that is exactly what we have been doing since the beginning of the year.  Still not totally complete, the contractor has just a few things left to do in the kitchen.

So enough about houses!! Let's talk copic!!  Still teaching classes at Cord and now have a group of women that will be seeing me for private monthly classes!! I have also replaced Roxanne.  Roxanne was my previous copic case that I created (look back to my previous post).  I just had to name her and that's what I came up with.  I will put pictures of my NEW copic case on here ASAP.  I also would like to start doing some youtube videos but I have no idea how to do it yet.  I am so computer illiterate!!!  So that is all for tonight.  Be back soon!!!  Keep it colorful!!!

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