Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skin Color

The lovely ladies who take my classes have been after me to do a technique class on coloring skin.  Well I have finally given in and placed it on the calendar for September.  So needless to say I have been spending time creating  a cirriculum for that class.  I have put together a blending chart for them to use for favorite color combos and I sat down tonight and colored a hula girl from la-la land stamps.  Thought I would share those images with you tonight.

This is the color chart I created I guess I should have zoomed in a little but you get the idea.  I went ahead and colored in the boxes with skin combos that I use.  This is a 6x8 so I can put it into my copic binder that I have created/work in progress.

In this image I am trying for a darker/Hawaiian skin tone.  Also wanted to show the importance of shading around body parts (the nose and lips).  I have arrows to indicate my light source (upper left).  I am actually excited about finishing her because I am very happy with how her skin is coming along.  Maybe I'll show a finished card some day soon.  That's all for now, keep it colorful!!

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